HOW TO WATCH SKY TV IN FRANCE : American & British TV channels in Paris, France, & Europe

You need a satellite system, a Sky HD Box and a Sky Viewing Card, and a UK VPN Router from us.

We provide the 2 types of Sky decoders : Sky HD Box & SKY Q BOX. CITYSAT is the NUMBER ONE in Paris to provide Sky Viewing cards without UK or ROI Address at the cheapest way.

Whenever the satellite is not possible, but still you have a good ADSL or Fiber internet system, we can connect you the best of SKY TV via our NOW TV and VPN system or US & UK channels via our IPTV systems.

No, it is not. But the Contract with Sky has to be based in UK.

Due to the licensing arrangements between Sky and Hollywood, Sky can only be subscribed to by UK residents. Residents in France will therefore need to subscribe for a Sky Card via CITYSAT who arranges subscriptions without address in UK:

CITYSAT have created a service that simplifies the subscription process and allows customers without a UK address access to the suite of satellite channels on the Sky Digital Platform.

Yes. With CITYSAT we provide you with VPN services allowing you to take advantage of Sky Catch Up and On Demand services.

Please contact us today and we’ll answer any questions you have.

Contrary to many installers, our after sales service is as easy as your first installation: we never ask to the client to take over the material to our office BUT we come to your home and repair the problem.

Our warranty covers the first year after installation on equipment, satellite system and decoder: we take care to come for repairing the system in 3 working days after being informed of the issue.

The size of the dish depends on the channels you want to watch. Some channels come with weaker signals than others. For instance a single dish (with our LNB) for the British & U.S. channels ( Sky Digital) should not be bigger than 45 cm ( 16 inches) for the Paris area, Britanny, Normandy…

In Montpellier, Avignon, Bordeaux the Dish is 80cm. In Cannes, Nice : 1m20

We have BOX TV systems which allow you to watch English & American TV (or SKY TV) : you won’t need a satellite system but a good ADSL or internet system with of course your HD TV.

Most of the channels are picked up with a dish less than 50 cm in diameter (18 inches) what does not require a special permit to install. The French Law on antennas from July 2nd, 1966 and the European Commission gives you the right to have your own satellite installation for getting your foreign channels.
The steps to follow and obtain your authorization are:

We come (free pre visite) and mesure the signal.
We prepare all the file for obtaining an immediate approval (description of the works, plan of the installation, letter and laws).
We advice you on how to ask the authorization and if necessary we contact the management of your building.

When necessary we can obtain for you the necessary permits to install a satellite dish. We strongly recommend that you call us first and upon your request, teh technical Manager will visit your home to mesure the signal and verify that you can receive the satellite service. We cover the large Paris area (Ile-de-France) To get an appointment call 01 40 11 79 88.

To get satellite channels in Europe, your TV set should have at least the PAL colour standard. A multistandard or PAL/Secam TV set is even better. American TV sets (NTSC) are not suitable for Europe: a transcoder NTSC/PAL is quite expensive and often costs the price of a good European TV.

YES, our digital satellite systems allow connection to more than one TV in the house.